Rehoming Romanian Rescues
Rehoming Romanian Rescues
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PS Botosani UK: our history


It all began with the adoption of one little dog from Botosani in 2012, following the mass destruction of over 200 dogs at the Public Shelter Botosani in Romania on 11th May 2011, and the public outcry which ensued. There had been no warning, and dogs were destroyed indiscriminately and inhumanely. You can see more information here:
In the aftermath of this atrocity, various animal welfare and rescue groups came forward and began to organise adoptions to different parts of Europe. The Botosani events are not unique in Romania; killings still take place, strays are often poisoned, and the stray dog problem is one of immense proportion and concern all over Romania. However, volunteers in Botosani (and elsewhere in the country) have worked tirelessly with the Romanian authorities and with the adoption agencies to prevent mass killings of this type and scale from recurring.  Many NGOs are providing free spay and neuter clinics and are trying to educate the public with regards to responsible ownership. 
The efforts of the PS Botosani volunteers have paid off, as there has been no mass cull in the public shelter in Botosani since 2011. The work of the volunteers is constant, and includes carrying out free spay and neuter clinics in Botosani and the surrounding areas, providing additional food, helping with care and veterinary treatment, and assessing and promoting the dogs for adoption. The shelter has a capacity of 850 dogs, and, despite ongoing spay and neuter campaigns run by the Botosani volunteers and others, new dogs are abandoned and brought in by the dog catchers every day. This is not a 'shelter', a place of safety, as we know them in the UK, but a government-run pound, whose only purpose is to provide a place to detain unwanted dogs; it is most certainly not safe. Volunteers have no official role in the shelter, but are constantly working with NGOs and negotiating with the public shelter management to improve conditions and increase adoptions, thereby ensuring that healthy dogs are not euthanized. 
Meanwhile, here in the UK, after adopting her little dog Jazz, Kaz Gilbert maintained a close friendship with the volunteers at Botosani, and in January 2014 she was asked by Lidia Nistor who was the vet for the Public Shelter, if she could help co-ordinate the UK adoption effort. The Romanian volunteer team in Botosani felt that a UK co-ordinator would benefit the adoption process and would take some of the pressure off the team in Botosani. And so, Waggin' Trails Rescue was born.
Since that time, over 400 dogs have been brought to the UK from the Public Shelter Botosani in Romania. Pictures of some of our dogs can be found on our home page, some before and some after their adoption. All of these dogs are in their forever homes now, enjoying  wonderful lives, the public shelter horrors now behind them thanks to some wonderful people who have adopted.
Given the scale of the adoptions, Kaz and Lidia realised that managing on their own was not going to be possible and that help was needed, so we have now recruited a group of volunteers, all of whom have had Botosani dogs in their care. You can find our names and those of the volunteers in Romania at the end of this page.
With the help and commitment of the additional volunteers we have been able to grow and spread our wings. 'PS Botosani UK' has been added to our UK/Romania Rescue, 'Waggin’ Trails Rescue' to emphasize our association with the PS Botosani and our Romanian Volunteer team. Together we may make a difference!
We are constantly improving our adoption process, increasing our fundraising efforts, and bettering the access to information. We hope you will find everything you need to know between this website and our Facebook pages, but we welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement.
We are very aware that none of this can be done without you, our supporters, who share, donate, adopt, foster and actively promote our dogs. You are our support when things are tough, and without your help, we would not be able to continue. We have ongoing fundraiser auctions (please see the link on the Links page) which allow us to provide Rescue Back-up and we rely on you to promote our dogs and our group. 
Our team is only small but we have big expectations of what we can achieve in the future. Please help us to continue saving the Botosani dogs.
Our team in the UK
Kaz A Gilbert
Tracey Hanson
Tracey Hanson
Dedicated Transport 
Eugen Nistor
Qualified Veterinarian Consultant
Lidia Nistor
Lila B Taylor
Jo Bird
Website Management
Sarah Drummond
Botosani Volunteer Team, Romania
Doina Voluntara
Elena Cardas
Raluca Mocanu
Daniel Dinu
Zuzu Alexandra


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