Rehoming Romanian Rescues
Rehoming Romanian Rescues
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Our adoption process

So, you are thinking about adopting or fostering a Romanian Rescue dog from PS (Public Shelter) Botosani.


Bringing a dog to the UK from PS Botosani is not as hard as you would think! All we ask is that you are fully committed to having a dog, that you have patience, understanding, time and a loving and safe environment to bring your chosen dog to.

There is a wealth of knowledge about Romanian dogs online, so reading up on some of the issues these dogs may have would help you decide if you can indeed help them. (Please read additional files listed).


The process of adoption is straightforward and we arrange everything that needs to be done to make sure your dog arrives in the UK safe and well.


If you haven’t adopted from us before, we will need to arrange a home-check for you. This helps us, and you, to ensure you choose the right dog for you, your family and your environment. If you are fostering, special arrangements need to be in place,  and this can be discussed with our team if you contact them. 


Once the home-check is approved and the right dog is chosen we will then request the preparations be done so that the dog is ready and fit to travel. We will arrange the transport date to the UK, usually 4 – 6 weeks from the date of request.


We will offer you as much information about the chosen dog as we are able to, with respect to their character, temperament and issues (if any). If there is anything at all about which you are unsure, or anything you would like to know more about, please ask. We are happy to help in any way we can.


The preparations include:-

Microchip insertion

Rabies Vaccine (done a minimum of 21 days before dog can travel)

Castration (puppies and young dogs may not be castrated)

DHPPi Vaccines (mandatory for legal UK entry)


Extra vaccines and tests are available on request! (Please contact us for tests and vaccines available)


Whilst your dog is being prepared and waiting for the transport date, we will send an Adoption or Foster Agreement0 Form to you, which must be read thoroughly and fully understood. A written signature and date will be required. Any details not available at the time of your first decision to adopt, for example the Microchip number and date of birth, will then be added. We will sign and date the form and return it to you, providing you with a legal contract giving both us and you peace of mind.


Whilst waiting for your dog to arrive, we suggest you collect as much information as you can, either from us or from online information readily available. (There are also additional files in the Links page regarding Romanian dog behaviours/issues etc. )


The journey to the UK takes approximately 2 days. Dogs normally leave Botosani on the Wednesday, arrive on the Friday and after the 48 hour mandatory stay in Defra Registered Kennels, they can finally be collected on the Sunday.


When collecting your dog from the kennels, you must bring with you two essential items: a crate for safe and secure transportation and a slip lead for keeping your dog secure at all times. (A file on collecting your dog and the initial settling in period can also be found on the Links page.)


We do offer Rescue Back Up (RBU) for all dogs. However, you must be in agreement to at least try and work through any issues or behavioural problems you are having before the decision is made to return the dog to us, as moving a dog can cause an escalation of any issues they already have. Even the dogs seen to be friendly at the shelter can seem scared when they arrive, but please remember, they have had the trauma of the journey, the kennel stay and the journey home and have no idea what is happening to them. We endeavour to offer as much information and as much support as is possible to make sure the transition from shelter to home runs as smoothly as possible, but it can take a while for a dog to settle.


We advise that you take out an insurance policy for your chosen dog in the event of accident or illness once in the UK. Our dogs are given a health check by the vet 24 hours before they are due to leave Botosani to determine they are fit and well for the transportation; this health check will also include administration of Wormers and Flea Treatments.


All adopted dogs will have their Microchip registered to you, the adopter, at the address you provide, via a UK Microchip Registration company, namely Petrac. We will register the dogs to the UK Company when the dogs arrive at the kennels, and a Registration Certificate will be received by you via the post within 7 days. Dogs going into foster will be registered to us.


Costs for adoption from PS Botosani are as follows:

Transport to UK, Traces Reg., & 48 hr UK kennels... £165 (List of UK kennels provided on request)

Preparations… 70 Euros approximately

So total is approximately £235



Dogs going into foster incur the same costs as those above, although some help may be available via fundraising to assist with their funding.


For dogs adopted from foster homes in the UK, we request a minimum donation equal to the transportation costs.