Rehoming Romanian Rescues
Rehoming Romanian Rescues
WAGGIN' TRAILS RESCUE/PS BOTOSANI UK Saving the Botosani Dogs Registered Charity 1172184
             WAGGIN' TRAILS RESCUE/PS BOTOSANI UKSaving the Botosani DogsRegistered Charity 1172184                            

Dogs already in the UK awaiting adoption


Please follow this link to view some of our dogs in foster/kennels in the UK still looking for their forever homes...


Dogs in Romania hoping for homes of their own


Please follow this link to see just some of the dogs desperate for homes still in the public shelter in Romania...

Adopting them is easier than you may think!


Please browse the Facebook pages (found on the home page) for albums of the many other dogs looking for homes, or alternatively contact us with your requirements - we really do have a dog for everyone!

'I Lay and Dream'

I lay and dream that all my friends

Could have a life like this

The country I was born in

I swear I do not miss


But the kind people who did help me

To find a better place

Often in the dreams I dream

I can almost lick their face


I now live in a loving home

Not an open field or barn

My mummy said with hand on heart

Now you will never come to harm


So as I dream whilst I’m asleep

Of old friends I left behind

I hope they get a chance like me

A loving home I hope they find