Rehoming Romanian Rescues
Rehoming Romanian Rescues
WAGGIN' TRAILS RESCUE/PS BOTOSANI UK Saving the Botosani Dogs Registered Charity 1172184
             WAGGIN' TRAILS RESCUE/PS BOTOSANI UKSaving the Botosani DogsRegistered Charity 1172184                            

Some of our adopted dogs in their forever homes...


'"We adopted Teddy in April 2014 to join our other Romanian rescue. He is the cuddliest dog we have ever met and gives you the best greeting when you come home. He loves his new life, will do anything for a cuddle, especially with his new best friend Lily the cat. Knowing we have saved our two Romanian boys from a lifetime in cages really is the best gift - I am sure the dogs know how lucky they are too!"


'"Murphy was in foster care in the UK and so we were able to take our other dog Mac to meet him first. They got on like a house on fire and so he came home with us and we have never looked back! He is the cheekiest little boy but we wouldn't have it any other way. Even if you cannot commit to offering a dog a forever home please consider fostering as it is much easier for the dogs to get adopted when they are already in the UK!"


"There you are!"...  Tail tucked between your legs, confusion in your eyes. I know its hard to understand that someone heard your cries - The medicine to make you well, good food to make you strong and finally to help you learn that hugs are never wrong - When loneliness is all you know and pain is all you feel and no one can be trusted and hungers all too real. - The perfect place then must be found, secure, safe and happy, with joy to get and give.... This dear little boy, my Milo. As soon as I saw him I contacted the amazing ladies at Waggin' Trails Rescue. Time couldn't pass quick enough until Milo was actually on that happy bus!.. heading for us, out of that place! Coming Home!... I had to keep busy, I had to help! and so begun my work the Waggin Trails Rescue team. In the 6 months that have passed Milo's transformations been amazing, he has taught me so much Step by step he grows - Day by day he learns new things - We still have a long road ahead but we are taking it together ~ I promised him forever'





Beau on her 1st holiday as a free dog.

She has loved every minute going walks in the country side and meeting the family.

Her tail has not stopped wagging with all the loving attention she is getting.

This is a far cry from the way she presented when she 1st arrived.Beau is so loving and cuddly.