Rehoming Romanian Rescues
Rehoming Romanian Rescues
WAGGIN' TRAILS RESCUE / PS BOTOSANI UK Registered Charity 1172184 WAGGIN' TRAILS RESCUE/PS BOTOSANI UK Saving the Botosani Dogs Registered Charity 1172184
             WAGGIN' TRAILS RESCUE / PS BOTOSANI UKRegistered Charity 1172184                                                                   WAGGIN' TRAILS RESCUE/PS BOTOSANI UKSaving the Botosani DogsRegistered Charity 1172184                            



We are a Registered Charity based in the UK, working with a handful of dedicated volunteers, who work tirelessly to help the dogs in the Botosani Public Shelter in Romania.


Since 2012 we have helped hundreds of dogs from this shelter make the journey to the UK, some came under our rescue wing and others to rescues all over the UK, where they have been adopted into forever homes living the life they deserve. Sadly, many have not travelled and there are many long-term dogs still there, who have spent years in the shelter.


Shelter life in Romania is not the same as shelter life here in the UK. They do not have kennels within buildings, with heated lamps to keep them warm and not always have roofs to keep them dry. They do not have soft comfy beds with blankets to sleep on. They do not have special foods to meet their needs. They do not always have the vet care needed. They do not often have the touch of human kindness and care…. 


What they do have is, cages open to the elements, where it is cold and wet when the weather is at its worst and nowhere to hide when the heat of the sun bares down on them. Their bed is the cold concrete floor or a wooden kennel with no bedding. Human kindness is not a daily occurrence for these poor souls. Their food is dry kibble, they have the same, just one bowl every day of the week but, if enough donations have come in, then they may get fresh raw meat. Vet care is better than it was… but they can only receive that with help from the public domain and organizations such as ours in the UK and Germany and public donations from around the world.


The shelter holds approx 700+ stray, surrendered or abandoned dogs, which without help, face an uncertain future in the Public Shelter Botosani.


Sadly, due to not having our own premises we cannot help with adoptions or foster anymore, which we feel is the only responsible route to take, as every dog that comes here needs full lifetime RBU (Rescue Back Up). Direct adoptions should be a thing of the past due to these dogs needing experienced homes on arrival.


We do fundraise and do events to raise funds for dogs to travel to the UK to good rescues who can offer RBU and rehome after assessment by  themselves or experienced fosters that volunteer for their rescues.


Our Charity works on a not-for-profit basis, we are all volunteers, so all monies raised by our many events, is ploughed back into helping the dogs who are not lucky enough to leave the shelter or helping dogs travel to rescues in the UK.


So, our efforts are now concentrated on doing what we can for the dogs in the shelter, to make their lives as comfortable as possible, helping dogs travel to the UK and promoting and putting our efforts into our UK Spay & Neuter Campaign, which is ongoing and the only way forward in stopping the suffering of puppies continually being  born to a life of suffering on the streets.


Please read through the different sections on our website to find out everything we try to achieve in our efforts to help the dogs left behind in the Botosani Public Shelter.


Thank you, as always for your continued support in helping us help the dogs of Botosani Public Shelter….


Below are just some of the dogs caged in the shelter at present… all deserve a chance; Can you help us make that happen?

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Florin - One of our Sponsored Dogs awaiting a rescue place...