Rehoming Romanian Rescues
Rehoming Romanian Rescues
WAGGIN' TRAILS RESCUE / PS BOTOSANI UK Registered Charity 1172184 WAGGIN' TRAILS RESCUE/PS BOTOSANI UK Saving the Botosani Dogs Registered Charity 1172184
             WAGGIN' TRAILS RESCUE / PS BOTOSANI UKRegistered Charity 1172184                                                                   WAGGIN' TRAILS RESCUE/PS BOTOSANI UKSaving the Botosani DogsRegistered Charity 1172184                            


We have many dogs in Botosani who are sponsored to travel. 


These dogs have fairy godparents, who have been kind enough to offer funding for some of our dogs, to cover their travel and prep costs, enabling them to leave the shelter when a UK Rescue space is offered. 


Many of the sponsored dogs have been in the shelter for many years, they are the ones left behind because they are scared of humans, traumatized by years on the streets and in a shelter, with little chance of rescue. Are they to die there? We hope not!! 


Anyone can help these dogs travel, you dont have to fully sponsor a dog. We have many people who join together to help one dog travel. Splitting the cost 1, 2, 3 and even 4 x way's...  


Obviously, placements are hard to find as they need to be experienced rescues, whose soul aim's are to fully assess and prepare the dogs for rehoming, in the right homes and do their best to make sure the dogs are kept safe. 


There are no direct adoptions from Botosani anymore, as all dogs who come to the UK need to have lifetime RBU (Rescue Back Up). Which will make sure the dog is safe at all times, no matter the circumstances the dog might find itself in. If the adoption doesnt work out for any reason, with RBU the dog will always have a safe place to go back to... this should be in place for every dog that comes to the UK, which ever rescue is bringing them. 


Please contact me ( Kaz A Gilbert) if you would like to consider sponsoring or part sponsoring a dog to travel. You may just save a life.


Please open the Gallery link on the left side of this page, under the sponsored dog link, to see the many dogs who have funds to travel. 


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Florin - One of our Sponsored Dogs awaiting a rescue place...